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What an Art Manager does ?

What an art manager does ?

In the chaos of contemporary art the art manager must bring concreteness, connecting distant works to each other.

The art manager serves to accompany the artist in every phase of his work. He will always be available to provide advice to the artist regarding his production. He will be able to photograph and film the works or will be able to advise the artist on how to do everything best, for collectors, for the newsletter, for the website, for social media, for the archive or for the catalogue.

Take a traditional social media manager and entrust it to an operator from the world of contemporary art.

The result is not obvious, there is content that could go viral on social media but destroy the reputation or appeal of that operator in contemporary art.

The art manager has already made it into social media, respecting the rules of the art system at the same time and is therefore able to strengthen Art Brands on social media.

Those who want to sell contemporary art in 2024 know that online platforms such as Singulart, Saatchi, Artsy and Artfinder are vitally important, but who knows how to manage them? Has anyone who has already used them already sold to us? The art manager.

The art manager knows about art fairs, because he has attended them. He knows how to go there and plan an exhibition operation with the greatest chance of success, because planning and market study are his strong side. The same goes for exhibitions. There are few locations that can guarantee the rise of an artist, the virality of the event and at the same time be economically sustainable. Selling a work by a contemporary artist in 2024 is the result of all these and other steps. To make it in art today you need everything: amazing works, strong identity, great social profiles, sites and platforms, exhibitions and fairs, but the right ones! Once this is done, you will then think about how to establish yourself abroad and which brands to collaborate with! Good luck

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