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Vanni Rinaldi Art Manager



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Vanni Rinaldi Art Manager

Ask me for advice 

Entrepreneur, Italian gallery owner under 35,

art advisor and art curator

The art world is so stratified:
galleries, museums, auction houses, fairs, platforms web and social media.
Let's arrange a live or web meeting and evaluate the most suitable path together.
After 10 years of working in the world of contemporary art I have learned to juggle all the operators.

Get advice from those who have learned the rules of the game on the job. The consultancy will be an opportunity for growth for both of us. 


My articles

Follow me and you will find content such as the fairs I participate in, the exhibitions I organize, the works and artists I propose. Insights related to the Talent Management of artists, curators, institutional spaces and much more!

Let's start our journey together

  • Analizzeremo la tua storia fisseremo gli obiettivi e stabiliremo insie...

    1 hr

    150 euro

Phone Number: 3393961566    /     Email:  

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