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Who I am:

My story

Vanni Rinaldi

Bergamo by birth, Brescia by adoption, I decided 10 years ago to open my art gallery with one objective: to make the purchase of art an investment or at least an intelligent diversification of money. 

It was born like this Univocal Art Gallery: a contemporary art gallery that initially promoted historicized artists belonging to my family's collection

(absolutely not gallery owners, but entrepreneurs with the historic companyRinaldi, leader in Italy in the production of agricultural and construction tools for 200 years).

In fact, the first exhibitions are dedicated to Mario Schifano, Christo, Agostino Bonalumi and Achille Perilli

Vanni Rinaldi Art Manager

At a certain point I was tired of only proposing names created by others, so I looked for an artist to invest in.

I met a young painter of immense talent, capable of interpreting the greatest masters with the same quality and intensity: from Caravaggio to Canaletto until Raffaello And Michelangelo.

This artist was Air Daryal and from there I motivated her to create her personal works. With one of these he immediately won a prize in Verona, chosen by Luca Beatrice, Angelo Crespi And Vittorio Sgarbi, with a nice sum of money. From there I dedicated 5 museum exhibitions to her, with the major Italian curators, 9 personal stands within the major fairs. He has had great auction records, his works have appeared in a film with Mick Jagger from the title " The Burnt Orange Heresy " and many other things happened!

The journey with Air made me understand how much is needed for the affirmation of an artist nowadays business plan, talent management. 360 degree career planning.

I think it is also the great lack of contemporary Italian art. So today, even though I work full-time as a gallery owner, I am trying to contribute to a change in the art world. For this reason I decided to no longer just stay behind the scenes of my gallery and to put my face to it. The natural evolution of the gallery owner is to become a financial consultant for collectors and a 360-degree consultant for the artist. Follow me and you will find content that will not only concern the fairs I participate in, the exhibitions I organize, the works and artists I propose, but insights related to the Talent Management of artists, curators, institutional spaces and much more!

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